Niolam Ja Se Kochaneczke

Video Essay
10 min
Niolam Ja Se Kochaneczke’  (2016) film essay explores potentialities of queer utopias, while examining the relationship between history, “national values” and power structures. The work re visits Eastern European folk traditions and whilst employing a contemporary reading questions why queer love has never been preserved and celebrated in the folk history.

Niolam reclaims these stories and problematizes how history is written and tradition is represented, often only to sustain the power structures that claim it ‘objective’. This work  encourages an experience of history as a discourse made out of multiple, overlapping and contesting narratives rather than a single, fixed entity.Niolam Ja Se Kochaneczke  locates queerness in Eastern European history; challenging the views that is an Western European export, which arrived in the post Cold War period.

(Full-length video available upon request)

Made with support of the Hanna & Zdzislaw Broncel Charitable Trust.

2016 Stoff Festival ( Stockholm, Sweden), ‘Backwards+Forwards’ (Lisbon, Portugal), Atkinson Gallery (Milfield, UK), 2017 Berlin Feminist Film Week  (Berlin, Germany), 2017 Leeds Queer Film Festival   – Audience Choice Award (Leeds, UK), MONO, Courtyard Theatre (London, UK), Calvert 22 Gallery (London, UK), Bloomberg New Contemporaries, BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art (Newcastle, UK), The Palace International Film Festival (Piotrkowice Niskie, Poland), Open Bow, Nunnery Gallery  (London,UK) and Queer Migrant Take Over, Rich Mix (London, UK).

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