A Tale of Backtracking and Looping

C-type prints
40 by 40 in
In the early stages of my work I explored relational aesthetics and photo-therapy methodologies (as defined by Jo Spence). Aside from the final work – which took the form of photographic prints – I was interested in the performative process that evolved out of the photo shoot. In works  A Tale of Backtracking and Looping I investigated how this process could be used as a self care tool, through sharing, intimacy and healing. Body image – as experienced by the subject through the intersection of personal histories, identity and cultural norms – was at the centre of these works.

The project saw me photographing over forty women, nude with their faces covered.

The photographs worked towards this aim by looking into how women choose to pose, gesture and handle their bodies within their living space or other spaces they wanted to represent themselves in. They also chose what object they wanted to cover their face with. Each subject had one  medium format film and 12 poses to perform.